Save on super strong archive boxes!

archive boxesWhether for warehousing, shipment of goods, moving, exhibiting or protecting your documents, Confidential Dechiquetage offers archiving solutions that meet your needs, whatever your field of activity.

You can store almost half of a letter or legal size drawer in one of our ultra-robust archive boxes which are designed so that they do not crumble therefore adequately protecting your documents during transport or storage.

Unbeatable value for money

  • Double sides construction
  • Hinged lid for safe and stack-resistant closure
  • Durable triple-layer handle for easy handling
  • Dimensions (in.) 12 W x 16 D x 10 High

Take advantage of our holiday promotion to stock up on archive boxes at only $1.95 each!

archival boxes

No minimum lot required.

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Happy Holidays

Confidential Dechiquetage wishes you a very Happy Holiday season!

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