Governments and regulatory authorities continue to develop legislation to support the protection of individuals and businesses. Prevention remains the best solution!

Confidentiel Déchiquetage can shred your documents, regardless of the quantity. We can help you cope with the confidentiality requirements and, in each region where we operate.

Compliance with privacy policies is so much more than a good business practice, it is the law.

Confidential Déchiquetage offers you the solution

We can help you with our know-how, our modern facilities and our competent employees.

  • We offer security cabinets, locked under key, positioned strategically close to your offices, providing better daily management of your important documents.
  • Mobile bins; locked under key, various sizes and easy to transport.


logo CertifiéOur employees have been investigated and legally sworn under oath to ensure a confidential & private professional service.

Our specialised shredding system allows the manipulation of your confidential documents to be executed with minimum handling.