Shredding – destruction of confidential documents, archives or papers

Identity theft

Fraud and identity theft is nowadays a rapidly growing phenomenon. Techniques are increasingly sophisticated and difficult to detect. This is why it is very important to have a good management plan for the destruction of your outdated and confidential documents.

No matter how much quantity is involved, Confidentiel Déchiquetage will destroy documents such as papers, invoices, old income tax files, banking documents, cd-roms, hard drives and any other types of media.

They will be destroyed quickly and safely with our ultra-powerful shredding equipment.

Shredding on site

Need immediate or witnessed destruction of confidential, copyrighted or licensed material? We have the ideal solution: on-site secure shredding service with our mobile units.

It’s economical, safe, practical and ecological.

Unrecoverable and recyclable material

All material is processed in accordance with sescure operations and destroyed so that it can not be reconstituted. The process is confirmed by a certificate attesting complete and safe destruction.

After being totally shredded, the paper is recycled.

According to the Office of Information Commission (OIC_Canada), the best method to destroy your confidential documents is shredding!

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