Shredding Control

Are you sure your documents are being handled with security ?

  • Fraud
  • Information leaks
  • Identity theft
  • Stolen credit

Running out of office space; spending too much money on storage space?

Your staff find the method used is;

  • Risking information leaks
  • Time consuming & arduous


Confidentiel Déchiquetage has the solution:

  • logo Naid CanadaOur Enterprise specialises in the picking up and destruction of confidential documents. Furthermore the recuperation of all types of paper for all types of business big or small.
  • The shredding of your confidential documents takes place on site, at your location, by specialised mobile units.
  • All our employees are, investigated, legally sworn under oath and identified.
  • Your documents are treated with care and handled to the bare minimum.
  • Your official papers are emptied into 360 litres bins by our employees.
  • The bins are then locked and transported to the shredding unit, unlocked and hooked onto the dispensing elevator.
  • The documents are then emptied into the shredding machine
  • The entire process can be witnessed by our clients and observed on the workstation screen incorporated in all our shredding units.
  • A Destruction Certificate confirming the service is then presented to our client along with the invoice.


  • Shredding service available for the residential customer
  • For a regular service, a schedule is adapted to fit your needs
  • For large corporations, the pick up of your documents is performed on as many floors as needed; permitting your staff to conduct their business as we take care of yours.
  • Fees adjusted to your needs: box- bin- bag.
  • Variety of appropriate equipment available.


Shredding in action

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